Call A Consultant

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How it works

  • Download the app (free). This gives you the list of participating consultants.
  • Subscribe to
  • Search by Location or Specialty to find the appropriate medical specialist who is available to take your call right now.
  • Touch the screen to get connected to that consultant.

Call are charged at flat rate of €50 for five minutes and then €10/min (or part thereof). After the call you have the option of rating your level of satisfaction with the call.
Calls will be recorded and stored but will only be accessed in case of dispute.

Tips for patients

  • Feel free to ask anything you like as long as you think it can be addressed by the consultant.
  • Give the consultant as much information as you can so that you get the best opinion.
  • But remember, you are phoning for medical advice, not a diagnosis! callaconsultant is an adjunct to and does not replace face-to-face consultations with your family doctor or specialist. The callaconsultant doctor does not have any legal responsibility and cannot be held liable for your medical care.

Examples of appropriate questions (and relevant consultant(s)):

  • “My PSA level is elevated, what should I do?” (Urologist)
  • “I feel sad all the time, can I speak with someone?” (Psychiatrist)
  • “My Oncologist says I need chemotherapy, would you agree?” (Oncologist)
  • “My painkillers are not working. Can I take more?” (Palliative Care Consultant or Pain Specialist))
  • “I have been waiting in the Emergency Dept for 6 hours is there a way I can get to see you sooner?” (General Medicine)